PCSUMEA Executive Body Members for the Year 2022-2023

PCSUMEA Executive Body Members

Mr. Shakeel Azam


M/s Super 1 Way Kitchen Collection 

Address: Dhounkal Road Wazirabad  
Contact: 0300-6207762
Email:   chairman@pcsumea.website

Mr. Adnan Javed

Senior Vice Chairman

M/s Pak Handi Crafts

Address: Pak Town Allahabad Wazirabad
Contact: 0333-3444470
Email: sundalknives@gmail.com

Mr. Usman Jalil

Vice Chairman

M/s Prime Steel Industries

Address: Madina Colony Arif Shaheed Road Nizamabad Wazirabad
Contact: 0322-2223313 

Mr. Muhammad Hamza

Executive Body Member

M/s Sky Impex Cutlery Industry 

Address: Arif Shaheed Road Nizamabad Wazirabad

Contact: 0300-5267171

Mr. Qasim Ali Awan

Executive Body Member

M/s Super Crown Cutlery Works

Address: Dhounkal Road Wazirabad

Contact: 0322-2007777 Email: crowncutlery@gmail.com

Mr. Shakeel Ahmad Bhutta

Executive Body Member

M/s S.K Traders

Adress: Behind Imperial Public School G.T Road Wazirabad

Contact: 0300-8740366

Mr. Hamza Shakeel Bhutta

Executive Body Member

M/s HHH Crafted Knives

Address: Thathi Arain Road Wazirabad

Contact: 0300-8740365 Email: hhh.knives@yahoo.com 

Mr. Muhammad Khalid Mughal

Executive Body Member

M/s Pak Cutlery Consortium 

Address: 1 KM Khasra By Pass Chowk, Bharoki Road, Near Shinwari Hotel, Wazirabad

Contact: 0300-8720051
Email: pakcutlery@yahoo.com

Mr. Sajjad Farooq

Executive Body Member

M/s New Friend Industries

Address: Sialkot Road Islamabad More Wazirabad

Contact: 0300-6283010

Email: sajjadfarooq1@yahoo.com

Mr. Muhammad Arshad

Executive Body Member

M/s Mohammad Arshad Cutlery Works

Address: Spall Colony Wazirabad

Contact: 0300-9623139

Mr. Kashif Butt

Executive Body Member

M/s Kashif Butt Cutlery Works

Address: Sialkot Road Near Barkat Floor Mills Wazirabad

Contact: 0300-9621311

Mr. Muhammad Dilawar Jamshaid

Executive Body Member

M/s J.S Industries

Address: Mohallah Nizamabad Wazirabad

Contact: 0332-0484748 Email: jsindustriespk@gmail.com

Mr. Muhammad Nawaz Cheema

Executive Body Member

M/s Kitchen Craft

Address: Near High Class Bakery G.T Road Wazirabad

Contact: 0300-9644024

Email: info@kitchen-crafts.com

Mr. Muhammad Ahsan Aqeel

Executive Body Member

M/s York Vivant Company

Address: Allah Wala Chowk Allahabad G.T Road Wazirabad

Contact: 0300-6234140

Email: info@yorkvivant.com

Mr. Muhammad Naeem

Executive Body Member

M/s Bright Enterprises

Address: Back Side Girls College Nizamabad Wazirabad

Contact: 0321-6268731

Email: bright.enterprises007@yahoo.com

Mr. Muhammad Ayyaz Mehmood

Executive Body Member

M/s Shine Star International Supplies

Address: Spall Colony G.T Road Allahabad Wazirabad

Contact: 0321/0300-6221050

Email: ayyazchand@gmail.com

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