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Benefits Of Membership


  • Involvement in Chamber activities provides access to top business leaders and Government ministers and officials.
  • The is regularly consulted by the Government on issues related to the business community. This provides opportunities for members views and concerns to be heard.
  • Certificates of Origin and other shipping documents are endorsed by the Chamber and recognized worldwide.
  • Regular notices are circulated on business opportunities available – importers/exporters wanted, tender notices, etc.
  • The Chamber Secretariat provides an intensive business information service and direct consultancy is available on most issues. The Secretariat also provides regular circulars on up-to-date business information and Government policies.
  • The Standing Committees actively monitor and pursue issues concerning trade issues, the environment, expatriate employment, manpower, foreign investment regulations, tourism, taxation, infrastructure requirements
  • Members get priority access to the library. The Chamber has a wide collection of reference books and trade directories.
  • The Members Use Members programme encourages members to use goods and services of members\’ organisations.
  • A high percentage of members involve themselves in Chamber activities, which provide chief executives and senior management with access to the latest business information.
  • The Chamber serves as a link to other local and international business groups such as the Single-Nation Business Groups, European Community Business Associations, Malaysian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and ASEAN Chambers of Commerce and Industries.
  • Members get preferential prices for the purchase of publications and endorsement of trade documents.
  • The Corporate Services Unit in develops marketing programs with its members in the services industries. This unit takes a pro-active approach to create value-added products and services through working closely with its members.
  • As a member of, you will be connected to a dynamic network of business leaders from multinational corporations, government-linked companies, small and medium-sized enterprises who are involved in a diverse range of businesses.
  • All of the Chamber’s activities are organized to enable members to connect and interact.
  • You will have a powerful advocate to voice your interests to the government; and to assist you in your dealings with various authorities.
  • Over the years, the Chamber has acquired a reputation for effectiveness in the business community. We are proud to have earned trust with the Government, and that its ministries and agencies regularly consult with SICC. Chamber members sit on numerous Government advisory committees and statutory boards where national policies are formulated.
  • You have access to a centre of information and knowledge. The Chamber provides advice on business issues, or explains bureaucratic procedures and new regulations, and provides in-depth trade & investment information and advice.
  • Significantly, the Chamber’s intimate access to industry leaders, policymakers and legislators means members are among the best informed people in the business community.
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